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Mike Aamoth is a professional oboist who has been playing the instrument for several years. He has performed with a number of major orchestras, and has appeared on the stages of famous concert halls across Europe. He is also a successful business owner who opened a repair, rental, and import music shop called Midwest Musical Imports in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mike Aamoth

Mike Aamoth spends most of his time teaching students, growing his business, and honing his skills on the oboe, but he also has interest in another activity: scuba diving. He has been diving for a number of years, and is a proud member of the NAUI, which is a major scuba diving organization. Diving can be a risky activity to pursue if you don’t have the experience or training. Here are some tips to get better and stay safe.

First, always check your gear before going out on a dive. It is important that you check all of your gear before getting into the water so you ensure your safety, and the safety of the other divers you’re with. This is also a good opportunity to work on the buddy-check system, and make sure other divers’ gear is safe as well. Checking your gear thoroughly means that you also have to have an in depth knowledge of the gear you’re using; never go on a dive with gear you don’t understand fully, or haven’t used in a safe setting.

Second, make sure you have your dive planned out methodically. It doesn’t matter how much experience you or your partner has; if you’re going out on a dive, make sure you have a plan, and make sure you keep to the plan when you dive. It is important that you always agree on a maximum depth, as well as a total time for your dive before jumping in. This is a good time to go over emergency procedures and lost diver protocols as well because they will differ from dive site to dive site.

Third, practice never holding your breath while diving. Holding your breath during a dive can cause serious injury because the air in your lungs will contract as you dive, but expand as you come back up to the surface. By breathing continuously, the excess air is able to escape like normal, and this won’t be a problem as you dive. In some cases, over pressurization can occur, which will cause bubbles to enter your bloodstream and chest cavity.

Mike Aamoth always takes the proper precautions when he dives, and he knows that by doing so, he will become a better diver. He works hard in order to make sure he dives the right way, the safe way, and so that his partners will do the same. Never dive alone, and always be safe in the water.