Mike Aamoth is a musician who has been playing and practicing the oboe most of his life. He has performed with several professional orchestras throughout his career, including the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, the Aspen Festival Orchestra, and the Minnesota Opera. He is also a successful business owner, and established Midwest Musical Imports in 1983 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mike Aamoth

Mike Aamoth

Mike Aamoth isn’t just an accomplished musician on the oboe, he also has experience teaching younger generations the instrument. Inspiring students of music is something that he gets a great deal of satisfaction out of, and he aspires to write an oboe method book for students who want to hone their skills. Here are some useful tips for both teachers and parents who want to help children learn the instrument.

When teaching a student or child how to play the oboe, it is imperative that the basic techniques be taught separately from one another. This is important because relaying to a student all the basic techniques at once will be too much to comprehend in a single sitting. Teachers or parents should make sure a student has each step practiced first, which will make putting all the basics together at the end much easier. It also allows you to be able to pay better attention to technique to avoid any bad habits that could form if too much is taught at once.

In addition to being imperative that the basic techniques are taught separately, they also have to be taught the right way. Part of the reason the basics are taught in separate parts is so that teachers can pay closer attention to the student’s form. This will make it easier to correct mistakes that will lead to bad habits, as well as give you as the teacher the opportunity to teach each part both thoroughly, and correctly.

Lastly, “Do not hesitate to observe the teacher during early lessons to make sure your child is understanding the teacher’s presentation, especially in regards to the basic playing techniques,” Aamoth explains.

You want to make sure that the teacher has a solid and successful background as a music instructor, and that the fundamentals are being taught first and foremost. Many teachers sacrifice the harder lessons at the beginning so that the student can begin playing music and stay interested, however the fundamentals are essential to the child’s ability to grow. Like any sport or activity, the fundamentals lay down a supportive foundation that the student can build on.

Mike Aamoth is an experienced oboe instructor who has taught in universities around the country. He understands what students need to learn the oboe the correct way, and is willing to help other teachers and parents alike so that their students can achieve their goals as an oboist.