Here’s the first installment of my upcoming method book for beginning oboe students. Enjoy!

I. Hold Long Tone

Start with G.
Complete the steps below and then repeat the steps for A and B.
(**Notice: The fewer fingers/keys pressed down, the lower the tone with the same amount of air.)

  1. Form embouchure in mirror.
  2. Put reed into mouth.
  3. Breathe – take a breath.
  4. Play the note as long as the embouchure is correct and tone remains steady. Focus on: embouchure, warm air, and maintaining a hard stomach.
  5. Stop when embouchure tires. Then rest and repeat.
  6. When the previous steps can be done somewhat comfortably, move onto Step 7.
  7. Use tuner for steady pitch
    #1 Flat – Set reed gently onto cushioned lower lip
    Sharp – Form more – O – and pull reed away from lower lip.
    #2 Flat – Sing note and drop pitch (sing ?), drop jaw, open throat.
    Sharp – Sing note and raise pitch (sing ?) – raise back of throat.

If difficulty is shown in holding a steady pitch, have the student keep singing the note and focus on #2.

8. Through this process remember to always:
— watch embouchure in mirror
— warm air (breathe into stomach not upper body)
— Maintain a hard stomach (relax rest of body)
— Relax shoulders
— Listen for steady tone, pitch, and volume

II. When comfortable, play the following exercise:

Slur Exercise

III. Tonguing

Air steady
Lick tip of bottom ?? with tip of tongue or slightly on top of tip of tongue
Sing first — dah Dah Dah
Reed only, then with reed — oboe

IV. Play Mary Had a Little Lamb